Language Change

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  • Language Change
    • Causes of language change
      • External:
        • Outside influences---- invasions, immigration, media and travel
      • Internal
        • Simplificaton-- "eth" died out due to it not being needed for pronunciation any more
      • Omission
        • Sounds gradually lost as not said
      • Assimulation
        • a linguistic process by which a sound becomes similar to an adjacent sound
      • Spelling
        • Standardisation of English language 1755 Samuel johnson
      • Phonology
        • Standardised pronunciation in private schools
      • Grammer
        • Standardised grammer
      • Industrialisation
        • 18th and 19th century- new words relation to labour
      • 8th-11th century invasion from other countries
        • 16th-17th century- words into English from Greek and Latin
          • 18th - 19th centaury borrowed words
            • 20th century -- immigration to UK
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    • Attitudes towards language change
      • Descriptivist
        • Plain English Campaign
          • Making the English language more easily communicated --- eliminating complexities
        • Invokes how language is actually used
        • language change is valued equally and not as correct or incorrect
        • Views-- Language change is inevitable and it is a waste of time trying to stop it
        • How? Why/
          • Language changed rather than saying it is bad
        • Change is progress
          • Language is becoming more accurate and efficient
      • Perscriptivist
        • Argue that it is essential to stick to rules of standard form -- everyone understands eachother
        • Language changes when decays
        • Queen English Camapign
        • State a set of rules people should follow in order too use language properly
        • believe language should be written and spoken in a certain way
          • Standard English --RR


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