Lay Magistrates

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  • Lay Magistrates
    • Qualifications
      • 18-65 years old
      • Live in the local area
      • Must give up 26 half days per year
      • No criminal record
      • Good qualities such as social awareness, sound judgement, etc.
    • Selection Process
      • Selection done by the local advisory committee
      • First interview finds out aout the candidates qualities and their opinions on legal issues.
      • Second interview - finds out candidates potential judicial aptitude by discussing case studies
      • Names are submitted to Lord Chancellor for appointment
    • Roles
      • Civil
        • Decide whether someone is liable/not liable
        • Enforce debts
        • Give/refuse licences
        • Can get additional training to sit in family courts or on appeals
      • Criminal
        • Decide whether someone is guilty or not guilty
        • Give or refuse licenses
        • Can get additional training to sit in youth court or on appeals


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