Learning Disabilities

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  • Learning Disabilities
    • Symptoms
      • Short attention span
      • Poor memory
      • Difficulty following directions
      • Inability to discriminate between/ among letters. numbers, or sounds
      • Poor reading/ and or writing ability
      • Eye-hand coordination or general poor coordination
      • Difficulties with sequency
      • Disorganisation and other sensory difficulties
    • Identified needs
      • Planning and organisation their days
      • Needing assistance with personal care
      • Assistance with education and intellectual development
      • Needing assistance with eating and planning meals
      • Needing assistance with toileting
      • Close monitoring of other health conditions
      • Needing assistance with mobility (other disabilities)
      • Needing assistance with communication methods
      • Needing emotional and physical support from carers, family, and friends
    • Adjustments
      • Assistance with financial support/ claiming benefits
      • Providing an advocate for communication of their interests and preferences
      • Planning days and specific routines
      • Accessing support groups and charities
      • Attending behavioural and speech and language therapies
      • Providing assistive technology to assist with general and educational needs
      • Regularly attending GP appointments for observation of other medical conditiond
      • Receiving care from informal or formal carers


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