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  • Legislation
    • Management of health n safety regulations 1999
      • -This act focuses on getting employers to carry out risk assessments of the security and health and safety of others in that setting
        • -It may also include training staff by showing them how ot adequately do their job
    • Food safety act 1990
      • -This act sets out all regulations for all businesses involved in selling food, preparing it, labelling it, transporting and exporting.
        • -It requires for any food that is unsafe to be removed and an incident file is reported
    • Data protection act 1998
      • -It is designed to protect personal and stored data
        • -The main provisions are processed to limited purposes, secure, accurate,
          • -It is important the data is kept no longer than necessary
    • food safety regulations 1995
      • -This act allows food hazards to be identified
        • -surfaces in which food is prepared has to clean and in good condition
    • control of substances hazardous to health 2002
      • -It is made to reduce workers from exposure to these substances
        • - Ways to do this include: risk assessments, instructions and training and planning for emergencies
    • Health n safety at work 1974
      • -Gives workers safety  legal protection
        • -Adequate training is required so that staff healthy and safety measures are understood
    • Manual handling operations regulations 1992
      • -The main purpose is to ensure employees are safe when handling objects
        • -It is now required that all tasks are assessed to see if avoidable
          • +Employers must have training and provide evidence of this
    • Civil contingencies 2004
      • -It imposes a clear set of roles and responsibilities on those who play a role in responding to emergency services
        • -Staff should be fully trained so if an accident were to occur they are ably to get help quickly
        • -Examples of this are NHS bodies, local authorties
    • Safety n equality act 2015
      • -Intended to improve the quality of health and social care services
        • -Presents new rules regarding sharing information
    • RIDDOR 2003
      • - It's the law that requires employers to report and keep records of incidents with potential risk of harm
        • Anyone in charge should report as well as members of the public
          • -Deaths, injuries, diseases, gas instances should all be reported


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