Legislations advantages and disadvantages part 2

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  • Legislations
    • Mental Capacity Act
      • Advantages
        • Clear Definitions Of Terms
        • Clear Statements About Who The Act Applies To
        • Focuses On The Needs Of The Individual
        • Protects Vulnerable People
        • Procedures Help Make Sure People Are Not Detained Unnecessarily Or Without Good Reason
      • Disadvantages
        • Patients Can Only Take Action If They Know They Can - May Not Have Much Knowledge On Legislation That Applies To Them - Knowledge & Information
        • Patients May Not Be Aware Of Rights And What Options Or Services Are Available To Them
        • Patients May Be Disadvantaged By Mental Capacity - Language and Cultural/Legal Understanding
    • Children's Act
      • Advantages
        • Protects Vulnerable People
        • Early Intervention From Local Agency - Better Than A Crisis Intervention From A Statutory Agency
        • Procedures Help Make Sure Children Are Less Likely To Slip Through The Net - More Support Given To Families To Reduce The Chances Of This
        • The Boards Reviewing Protection Are Now Statutory and Duties Clearly Established
        • Children Have A Say In What Happens To Them
        • Act Applies To ALL Children Regardless Of Abilities (Physical/Cognitive)
        • Children's Needs And Views Are Promoted At The High Legislative Level
      • Disadvantages
        • People Working Within Public Service Jobs Need To Change How They Work - Can Cause Conflict
        • This Piece Of Legislation Only Applies To England
        • In Multi- Agency Work Who Will Be Accountable If The System Does Not Work?
        • Staff May Not Be Adequately Trained In Safeguarding
        • Organisations May Have To Change The Way They Work In Order To Work Together - Resistance To Change - Concerns About Confidentiality
    • Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
      • Advantages
        • It prevents people from applying for jobs where they may harm others, so it protects vulnerable adults
        • It ensures people feel safe in the care environment
        • It gives family members more peace of mind
      • Disadvantages
        • The PoVA scheme will involve additional paperwork and other administrative procedures for providers of care
        • It may mean that providers of care have to re-think offering care positions to certain individuals, which may in turn involve re-running recruitment exercises


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