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  • Legislations
    • Children's Act
      • The Children Act covers many important issues such as listening to children's views and opinions, early intervention instead of crisis intervention and protecting all children including ones who many suffer from physical or cognitive difficulties
    • Equality Act
      • The Equality Act covers protection against many types of discrimination within employment, education and more. However, discrimination can be hard to identify if it is covert.
    • Sex Discrimination Act
      • The Sex Discrimination Act covers almost all workers. It covers; recruitment, employment terms and conditions, pay and benefits, training, promotion and transfer opportunities, redundancy and dismissal.
    • Race Relations Act
      • Race Relations Act protects vulnerable people and places a duty on the provider to consider diversity among people.
    • Mental Capacity Act
      • The Mental Capacity Act states all of its terms and definitions clearly and focuses on the needs of each individual that fits into the category. However, due to the individuals mental capacity, they may not be aware or have a great understanding of this piece of legislation so may not be aware of their rights.
    • Disability Discrimination Act
      • The Disability Discrimination Act covers vulnerable adults who may be discriminated against in day-to-day life or in the work place. However, the victims may not be aware of the legislation or their rights and may not take action against discrimination. Discrimination can be covert which could make it difficult for the victim to prove that it is happening.
    • Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
      • Applies to care workers- both paid and unpaid-CRB checks must be carried out on anyone who wishes to work in the care sector-All new employees must provide two references before they can begin working in any care organisation


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