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  • Levine
    • Helping a blind person across the street. Experimenters, dressed in dark glasses and carrying white canes, acted the role of a blind person needing help getting across the street. They stepped up to the corner just before the light turned green, held out their cane, and waited until someone offered help.
      • A trial was terminated after 60 seconds or when the light turned red, whichever occurred first, after which the experimenter walked away from the corner.
    • Hurt leg.-Walking with a heavy limp and wearing a large and clearly visible leg brace, experimenters accidentally dropped and unsuccessfully struggled to reach down for a pile of magazines as they came within 20 feet of a passing pedestrian
    • to ensure  standard-isation in scoring and to minimise experimenter effects:(i) all experimenters received both a detailed instruction sheet(ii) the experimenters practised together(ii) no verbal communication was required of the experimenter
    • Data was collected by students who were either travelling to foreign countries or returning to their home countries for the summer, or by cross-cultural psychologists and their students in other countries who volunteered to assist the authors.
    • Research method
      • This was a quasi-experiment that used independent measures design.
    • aims
      • To research whether substantial  variation exist across the cultures studied.
      • .To identify country-level variables that might relate to differences in helping
      • To determine if a city’s tendency to offer non-emergency help to strangers is stable across situations over a wide range of cultures.
    • IV & DV
      • DV-helping rate of the 23 individual cities.
      • IV-  23 large cities around the world including Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, New York
    • Sample
      • Opportunity samples from each of the 23 cities. Over 200 men and women were tested
    • Dropped pen- at a moderate pace (15 paces/10 seconds), experimenters walked toward a solitary pedestrian  When 10 to 15 feet from the participant, the experimenter reached into his pocket and accidentally, dropped his pen in full view of the participant, and  walking past the participant.


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