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  • Lexis & Semantics
    • Denotation and Connotation
      • Denotation
        • The literal, generally accepted, dictionary definition of a word.
      • Connotation
        • The associated meanings we have with certain words, depending on the person reading or hearing the word, and on the context in which the word appears.
    • Field
      • Words used in a text which relate to the text's subject matter- best located through the vocabulary used in the text- texts for audiences with a particular specialist knowledge will have words from that field. (eg. the field of medicine, the field of golf etc.)
        • Lexical field
          • identifies the main subject matter of a text eg. food in a recipe, money in an article on economics.
        • Semantic field
          • a pattern of words with similar meanings found across a text eg. 'bolt,' 'trap,' 'cage.'- a semantic field is a group of words that have similar meanings which may not be the main subject matter of the text.
    • Jargon (specialist lexis)
      • special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand. eg. legal jargon, such as 'adjournment'
    • Lexis
      • Words and their origins
      • High-frequency lexis
        • Words that appear often in everyday speech
      • Low-frequency lexis
        • Words that appear more rarely, such as specialist terms from a field eg. medicine
      • Neologism
        • a newly coined word or expression
      • Compound
        • Compound words are formed when two or more words are joined together to create a new word that has an entirely new meaning. eg. 'sun' and 'flower' are two different words, but when fused together, they form another word, 'sunflower.'
      • French/ Latinate lexis
        • words derived from French or Latin, or both, are more rarely used, often seen as having a higher status and/or being more specialist.
    • Abbreviations
      • a shortened form of a word or phrase eg. LOL
      • Initialism
        • an abbreviation consisting of initial letters pronounced separately eg. BBC, VIP
      • Acronym
        • an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word eg. NASA, LASER
    • Semantics
      • meanings of words, both on their own and in relation to other words in the text


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