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    • Linguistic term for vocabulary
      • Words of language
    • Lots of words mean the same thing
      • teen
      • jeuvenile
      • adolescent
    • Syllables
      • Monosyllabic (one)
      • Polysyllabic (more than one)
      • What effect do they have on the text?
    • Old fashioned or new words?
      • Archaic words (old fashioned) e.g. thee
      • Neologisms (new words) e.g. selfie, google
    • Slang or jargon?
      • Slang - colourful, informal, used by young people
      • Jargon - specialist vocab related to a specific occupation
    • Colloquialisms or taboo language?
      • Colloquialsms -informal, phrases used in everyday speech, chatty
      • Taboo language - swearing, forbidden language, informal


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