Liberal Democrats 2019 Manifesto

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  • Liberal Democrats
    • Stop Brexit
      • The pledge stands out from Labour, who would offer another vote, and the Conservatives, who are promising to leave the EU in January.
    • A penny income tax rise for the NHS
      • Raise £7bn a year over five years - a total of £35bn - to spend on the NHS and social care.
    • Free childcare
      • This is an expensive offer that could attract criticism as a big giveaway to some better-off parents, while not helping the poorest children who might benefit most.
    • Generate 80% of electricity from renewables
      • So the Liberal Democrats' plan for 80% would mean the extremely rapid construction of many more solar farms and wind turbines on land and out at sea.
    • Tax frequent flyers
      • The statistics suggest a frequent flyer levy is justified. More than half of those surveyed by the Department for Transport in 2014 said they had not taken any flights in the previous 12 months.
    • Recruit 20,000 more teachers
      • There are 453,400 teachers already in England but there is also a population bulge hitting secondary schools, which is due to continue until 2025. So while primary class sizes might shrink, secondary classes could grow.
    • Legalise cannabis
      • Help to break the grip of the criminal gangs by introducing a legal, regulated market for cannabis.
    • Freeze train fares
      • Too many commuters in too many parts of Britain have suffered an unreliable service for too long. So a fare freeze for all peak-time and season tickets seems…fair!
    • Give zero-hours workers a 20% pay rise
      • It could reduce the number of firms who want to hire people on zero-hours contracts and it could mean people in regular employment might seek out a zero-hours contract because they like the flexibility.
    • Resettle 10,000 refugees a year
      • The Lib Dems' proposal, therefore, would double the number taken in by the UK, with an extra 1,000 unaccompanied children allowed to settle each year.
    • Tough borrowing rules and tagated tax rises
      • Brexit bonus funds new teachers, flying taxes fight climate change.


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