liberal reforms

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  • Liberal Reforms 1906-1914
    • 1909-Labor Exchange
      • By 1914, 1 million people were being employed through the labour exchange.
    • 1906-Local authorities can provide free school meals
      • By 1914, 150,000 children were getting one good meal a day.
    • 1908-Pensions were introduced
    • 1911-National Insurance Act. Free medical Treatment,Sick pay for 26 weeks, unemployment pay.
    • 1908-Children's Charter. Stopped children sent out begging, and created special prisons for young offenders (Borstals)
    • 1908-Selling cigarettes to children was made illegal.
    • 1906-the Workers Compensation Act granted compensation for injury
    • From 1911, MPs were paid. This gave working men the opportunity to stand for election.
    • 1909-Parliament Act When the House of Lords refused to pass Lloyd George's budget, the House of Commons passed an Act stating that the House of Lords could not reject a bill that had been passed three times in the House of Commons. It also required a general election every five
    • 1907-School medical inspectors


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