LCW Liberalism

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  • Liberalism
    • Individual
      • Individuals were encouraged to think for themselves.
      • Feudalism was displaced by increasingly market-orientated societies.
      • Immanuel Kant - Classical Liberalism
        • Belief in the dignity and equal worth of human beings.
        • Society is a collection of individuals seeking to satisfy their own needs and interests.
        • Belief in atomistic society.
          • A belief that 'society' itself does not exist but is merely a collection of self-sufficient individuals.
          • based on the assumption that the individual is egoistical, essentially self-seeking and largely self-reliant.
      • Modern Liberal
        • Optimistic view of human nature - social responsibility for those who are unable to look after themselves.
        • Wish the create a society where each individuals is able to develop and flourish to their potential.
    • Freedom
      • Individual liberty.
      • Classical Liberals
        • Liberty is a natural right and is a requirement for leading a truly human existence.
      • Modern Liberals


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