life after death

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  • Life After Death
    • Monism
      • Aristotle
        • Body and soul need to be one.
        • Animals and plants have similar souls
        • Stamp Analogy
        • When body ceases to exist, the soul does too
      • Saint Paul
        • If Jesus had the ability to resurrect, so do we
      • Aquinas
        • Summa Theologica
        • No truly independent soul
        • Natural Condition
      • John Hick
        • Replica Theory- some memories and characteristic
        • John Smith Example
      • Notes
        • Typical neurological viewpoint
        • Body and soul are one
        • Ezekiel 37; God shews Ezekiel a river of dead bones and states he is able to make them live again
        • Eschatologica teaching of Christianity
        • Hard Materialism
    • Dualism
      • Plato
        • Soul pre-existed, will exist in a post mortem form.
        • Myth of ER- dead soldier came back to life
        • Works are in Phaedo
      • Socrates
        • Soul will live on
        • Questioned the Gods
        • Chose death as believed in an afterlife
      • Descartes
        • Corgito ergo sum- body is distant from mind
        • Soul continues to live on
      • Kant
        • Goal in life is to achieve summum bonum
        • Born into a new physical body after death
      • Hinduism
        • Moksha- Release from rebirth, linked to Karma
        • Unite with Brahman (God)
      • Sikhism
        • Must strive to be Gurmukh (God-like)
        • Achieve Mukti by having good karma


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