Life after Death

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  • Life after Death
    • Sanctity of Life
      • The belief that life is sacred and holy, meaning it should be protected
      • Christians believe that human life is sacred as it is made in the image of God.
    • Creation
      • Man created "in Gods image" hence giving them dominion over the world
      • Creationists believe literally created in 6 days
        • Humans given dominion and "stewardship" in Genesis
      • Liberals take it more as guidance as to the way that the universe was created but not literal
        • Humans are not special (evolved) and so should not look after the planet
    • Denomination beliefs
      • Catholics: purgatory if  sinner but believe in God- repent
        • Gertrude the great: "all the Holy Souls in Purgatory"
        • Pray to empty purgatory and end the suffering of those there.
      • Protestants: no Purgatory, instead go straight to heaven or hell
        • Evangelical Protestants: resurrected on the day of judgement.
          • John; "Those who believe in me will live, even through they die."
        • Liberal Protestants: live eternally in the spirit world and that your place depends on how you lived your life
          • Corinthians: "each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad."
    • Abortion
      • Roman Catholic: always wrong unless mother's life at risk- Principle of double effect (good outcome, bad consequence)
        • Exodus: "you shall not murder"
      • Quaker: It is a matter for individual conscience, non-violence is against, women being free to do as they wish is pro
        • Leviticus: "love thy neighbor as yourself"- quality of mothers life
      • Church of England
        • Abortion unacceptable unless specific circumstances
          • Exodus: "you shall not murder"


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