Life at Tenochitlan

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  • Life In Tenochtitlan
    • It's the capital of the Aztec Empire
      • It is now Mexico City
      • It means "place of the prickly pear cactus"
      • It was built on a swampy island in the middle of a lake. The Aztecs felt safe from their enemies.
    • TRAVEL
      • Three main causeways with moveable bridges, linked the city to the mainland
    • The Great Square
      • The temples of the Gods stood on high platforms
      • Skull Rack - Thousands of skulls of sacrificed were placed here to rot.
      • People grew their crops on chinampas - small square gardens in the shallow water as it was difficult to grow crops on the swampy ground.
      • Fresh water was brought to shore by aqueducts of clay pipes.
    • Most houses had saunas or people bathed in the lake.
    • JOBS
      • The Emperor Montezuma ruled.  Nobles were important and worked as judges, priests, officials of merchants.
      • Most people were farmers or craftsmen
      • Priests-Believed they could tell the future. They worshipped the Gods and sacrificed prisoners. They also taught noble children to read and write. They couldn't cut or wash their hair or marry.
      • Soldiers -Wore costumes of padded cotton. Shields decorated with feathers or paint.Boys sent to school to learn to fight and practiced with wooden shields and swords.
      • Merchants were rich but not allowed to show off wearing fine clothes and jewellery
      • Clothes were important. Like a uniform and showed who a person was. Chiefs wore headbands. Soldiers wore bright cloths. The poor wore loin cloth.


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