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  • Linda
    • Linda is a tomboy because she catches a grenade and lobs it back
    • Significant that she appears dressed as a gangsta moll
    • Russell refers to Al Capone who was a real life gangsta. Al Capone foreshadows the life of crime for Linda, Mickey and Sammy
    • We see Linda and Mickey's close friendship when she starts to dry his tears
    • Russell shows us how close Linda and Mickeys relationship is "ooh gis a go" Have fun together
      • Repitition of "Don't we Mickey" "Don't we Linda"
    • Linda always tells Mickey she loves him but he hurries off all the time, she finally says "I give up with you Mickey Johnstone"
    • Linda marries Mickey but has to deal with him being in jail and his drug problem
    • She is depressed "I get depressed but I don't take these
    • Linda seems to be following the same pattern as Mrs Johnstone
    • Linda and Mickey can't afford their own house
    • Linda is a strong person and isn't afraid of Sammy 'Undaunted, approaching Sammy'
    • Linda is not pitiable when she reassures and comforts Mickey and appears more mature than Mickey. "But y'have to Mickey. Everyone does"
    • Linda distracts the policeman "Waitin' for the ninety two bus" Sense of humour
    • Linda is resourceful and helps Mickey get a job
    • Falls pregnant early
    • Organises Mickey for work like his mother


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