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  • Links between the water and carbon cycles
    • Increasing atmospheric carbon storage
      • Natural: Milankovitch orbital variarion
      • 10 of the past 13 years were warmest on record
      • In 2015, the Global Mean Surface Temperature (GMST) reached a record high of 0.87'C
      • Technological advances led to increased consumption of natural resources
        • Deforestation, population growth, economic development, industry, manufacturing and methane emissions from livestock
        • Since 1750 Europe's industrial revolution
          • CO2 emissions went from 280ppm to 406ppm in 2017
        • Releases more GHG trapping radiation, warming the earth
    • Increasing carbon emissions and the energy budget
      • The energy budget is changing as more heat is being retained resulting warmer, more energetic blankets
      • Earth's climate is driven by incoming shortwave solar radiation
        • The natural process of trapping long wave radiation, supports life on earth (natural green house effect)
          • Without this the world would have been to cold to sustain life on earth
        • 30% is reflected by the atmosphere and the land surface
        • 70% absorbed by Earth's surface
          • Energy is released as long wave radiation
    • Water and carbon (local scale)
    • Impacts of rising GHG emissions on the water cycle
      • Ocean acidification
      • Changes to weather patterns
      • River discharge
      • Sea level rise


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