Litany- Carol Ann Duffy Anthology

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  • Litany
    • Stanza 1
      • "stiff-haired"
        • suggests that they are uncompromising
      • "like a rumour"
        • Simile: suggests that something that starts as innocent can become damaging.
      • "soundtrack"
        • metephor for woments conversation
    • Stanza 2
      • "and sharp hands poised over biscuits"
        • Leixes such as "poised" and "stiff" (stanza 1) evoke an opinion of women as being haughty and very orthodox. Along with "briste" hands and "sharp" which applys to their frigid state.
      • "as the bright stones in engagement rings"
        • Simile: The women are hardened due to their marriages.
      • "the terrible marriages crackled, cellophane
        • Personification. The pre- modifying adjective "terrible" along with the onomatopoeic verb "crackled" are used by the speaker to suggest that these women are unhappy in their marriages, but they don't want to be shunned by society with a divorce
    • Stanza 3
      • "air like an accident"
        • Simile: not completely certain.
      • "cancer, or sex or debts"
        • it was unknown of at the time.
      • "jam-jar"
        • normality of life. We can all refer to it
    • Stanza 4
      • ""I am sorry Mrs Barr, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Emery. Sorry Mrs Raine"
        • Asyndetic listing repetition of the word sorry means the speaker knows they have done something wrong
      • "taste of soap"
        • familiarity
      • "A boy in the classroom told me to **** off"
        • Italics- double standards
    • Themes: childhood expectations/dissapointment


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