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  • Literature Essay Info
    • Assessment Objectives
      • AO1- Points/Quotes
        • Holmes' need for mental stimulation can be seen when he says "My mind... rebels at stagnation".
      • AO2- Analysis
        • The verb "rebels" conveys the degree of Holmes' defiance against mental rest and his need for a case to solve.
      • AO3- Contextual Information
        • When compared to the police force of the time, Holmes is skillful, methodical and dedicated. He puts his energy into solving his cases and acts as the polar opposite to the likes of Athelney Jones.
      • AO4
    • Synonyms for "this shows"
      • this conveys
      • this indicates
      • this demonstrates
      • this alludes to
      • this implies
      • this highlights
      • this displays how
      • this communicates
    • Exam Timings
      • Paper 1
        • Macbeth question (A04 included)- 55 mins
        • The Sign of the Four question- 50 mins
      • Paper 2
        • An Inspector Calls question- 45 mins
        • Power and Conflict Poetry question- 45 mins
        • Unseen Poetry question- 30 mins
        • Comparing two unseen poems question- 15 mins
    • Paragraph Structures
      • PETAL
        • Point, Evidence, Terminology, Analysis,  Link to context
      • Checklist
        • Point, Quote, Basic meaning, Deeper meaning, Zoom in on one word or phrase, Use terminology, Further analysis, Contextual link, Different reader/audience perspective


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