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  • London
    • Quotes
      • "marks of weakness, marks of woe"
        • Repetition
          • emphasises feeling of bleakness - despair affects everyone and there's no relief from it
        • Illness
      • "I wander through each chartered street"
        • adjective
          • Blake is commenting on how every part of London is owned by someone and so the city itself is not free
        • verb
          • sounds purposeless
            • reflects how he feels powerless to change what's happening
      • "chimney sweeper's cry... hapless soldier's sigh
        • Emotive imagery
          • Chimney sweeps were usually young boys - child labour
      • "Runs in blood down palace walls"
        • French Revolution
          • he thinks ordinary people suffer while those in the palace are protected behind walls
      • "The mind-forged manacles I hear"
        • People are trapped in every way, even by thoughts and attitudes
        • The speaker "hear[s]" various distressing noises
          • Makes it seem like a vivid, hellish experience
        • metaphor
          • manacles are handcuffs, suggests people's minds are controlled and not free
      • "And blights with plagues the marriage hearse"
        • juxtaposition
          • shows that every hope of happiness is tainted with despair.
        • marriage becomes a death sentence
        • oxymoron
          • links the happy image of marriage with death
            • suggests that everything has been destroyed
        • powerful language of illness and disease
          • Destruction is implied by "blights" and "plagues" hints at something that's uncontrolable and destined to affect lots of people
        • negative language
    • Themes
      • Social Coomment
        • Blake sees London as a place full of despair and misery because of the oppression people are under
          • He does not see any hope for society because people have so little power that they lack the imagination to change their lives
      • Despair
        • The church and the state offer no hope for the poor and are instruments of its oppression
      • Powerlessness
      • Power of Humans
      • Loss and Absence
      • Anger
      • Individual Experiences
      • Abuse of Power
    • General
      • Strong and regular rhythm and rhyme
      • Ballad Form
      • Dramatic Monologue
      • Iambic Tetrameter
      • First Person
      • Suffering (due to abuse of power) is never-ending and has a great impact on everyone
      • Wiilliam Blake


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