London Quick Revision

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  • London
    • What is the Poem about?
      • The Poem is about the narrator's walk down the street of London and that all sees are sad people plus sad noises of infants.
    • "I wander through the chartered street, near where chartered Thames flow."
      • A charter is a document that shows who owns what.
        • This shows that man wants to control things including things that are natural like from nature.
    • "marks of weakness, marks of woe"
      • This has 7 syllables while the rest of the poem is written with 8 syllables.
        • This shows that the people who are suffering, are weak.
    • Pattern of the Poem
      • Cyclical Ending
        • The Poem first talks about the people suffering, next says that those in power are the cause of it, and back to talking about the people suffering.
          • This shows that the feeling of sadness is unescapable as in spreads to others.
    • "And the hapless soldier's sigh, runs in blood down palace walls"
      • The word "palace" says that those in royalty like Kings and Queens are the cause of the suffering.
        • The French Revolution was to overthrow the monarchy including blood and chaos which is where this statement came from.
          • The Poet is saying that if the feelings of the people are ignored then there might be an overthrow of those in power.
    • Repetition of the "mark"
      • "and mark in every face I meet"
        • The word mark here means to notice.
          • "marks of weakness, marks of woe"
            • The word mark here means a sign of or show of.
              • This shows the inescapable suffering of the people and the poets frustrations about this.
    • "marriage hearse"
      • That all that is good will be destroyed
        • This criticises those in power that their power can cause suffering and despair.


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