Love songs in age

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  • Love songs in age
    • Themes: Memory, illusion and reality, time and its passing, love, relationships, women, Everyday ordinary events.
    • Stanza 1: Sheets of music been found, changed by time. Brings back memories.
      • Not been well cared for, 'One marked' One mended' 'One bleached'
      • 'So they waited'= intended to be found again. Personified.
        • Truth waited to be discovered, Sinister, Threat.
      • 'The covers pleased her'= justifying why she kept them. Reminds her of her youth.
    • Overview: Old women, widowhood. Songs have a sentimental value.
    • 'Sense of being young'= brings back memories of being young
    • 'Spring woken'= fertility, new, new start, positive energy,
    • 'Certainty'=had certainty in youth but not now. Endless possibilities.
    • Last Stanza: Bitter sweet focus on love. Melancholy. Saying love doesn't solve problems, but didn't set out to be this way.
      • Antagonistic views towards love.
    • 'Still promising to solve and satisfy'= hasn't achieved. Love is saying that everything is good but is it?
    • 'It had not done so then, and could not now'.= We buy into love, want to believe love songs, films but its mundane.
      • Buy into the illusion, Everything is good amazing, wonderful.
      • Letting go of ideas.
      • Larkin saying maybe its our fault, expect to much from love, Starts certain goes to uncertainty.


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