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  • Much Ado About Nothing Charachters
    • HERO
      • Hero is pure and innocent
        • Throughout the play heros innocence and reputation is ruined .at the end her honour is restored
          • Leananto  thinks that Hero has shemed him and the rest of the family and says' O she is fallen into a pit of ink
            • This suggests she is stained and will never be morraly clean again
      • Hero is Leanatos only heir so will inherit all of his money
        • Hero is often spoken of as a possesion, she is described as a 'gift' and a 'jewel'
          • Hero is sought after by men because of her wealth and inheritence
      • Claudio describes her as 'The sweetest lady that i ever looked on
      • Claudio is a respected soldier and returns from war a 'hero'
      • Claudios identity quickly shifts from a soldier to a courtly lover when he meets hero
        • He is easily influenced by his friends and family
          • He quickly believes Don Johns lies about Hero which makes him seem suspicios to a modern day audiance but he is just trying to protect his honour
            • However when he realises he is wrong he begs leanato for forgiveness
          • Claudio dosent always act honourably such as when he publicly shames hero
            • He looks up to Don Pedro who is a prince and important to claudio as an ambitious count
        • Claudio isnt a perfect romantic hero and his feelings can change quickly
      • Like beatrice he is outspoken and confident
      • Benedick is popular and self assured, he claims to be 'loved of all ladies'
        • He makes alot of jokes mostly about women because he dosent trust them
      • Benedick also has a sensative side
        • Alot like beatrice he changes his mind towards love and marrige saying he is ' horribly in love' with beatrice
      • Beatrice is a clear contrast to her cousin hero
        • Beatrice claims that she 'would rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me
          • Beatrice is witty, intelligent and playful - she is good with her words and isnt afraid to answer back
      • She also has a sensative side, she is loyal and defends hero saying ' she is wronged, she is slandered
        • When she hears ursula and hero speaking about her 'pride and scorn' she changes her sttitude towards benedick
        • She changes her mind about love and marrige at the end
    • DON JOHN
      • Don john is cruiel and manipulative
      • Benedick claims that don john 'spits toil in frame of villaines'
      • Don pedro is a prince and therefore repected by all the other charachters
        • Don pedro  is welcomed warmly by leanato and is happy to help claudio with advice saying  -my love is thine to teach
        • Don pedro encourages claudio to woo herp and is supportive of him
          • Don pedro however aslo makes mistakes
            • Don pedro is taken in by don johns trick, he chooses to disgrace hero with claudio which shows he dosent always act wisely
      • He is truly sorry and says to leanato that he will 'bend under any heavy weight'
      • Leanato is the well respected govener of messina
        • Leananto is formal, polite and the most mature charachter , he is well respected
          • Leanato has strict expectations of hero although he wants the best for her , and wants her to know she will be provided for
            • Leanato can also be foolish, he believes the accusations made against hero and asks 'why would two princes lie' Leo also challenges Claudio to a duel
      • Dogberry is a useless constable, he is incompetent
        • He frequently bickers with verges, he has a low social status
          • Shakespear uses dogberry to provide comic relief
            • Dogberry is more honest than the nobel charachters. he dosent try to decieve anyone
              • Dogberry uses lots of malapropisms in his speech
      • The friar is the voice of reasons , he defends hero unlike the other men in the play . he is convinced there is a 'biting error' and correctly guesses that hero is 'guiltless'
        • Friar suggests to pretend hero is dead, iyt is ironic that a religious figure would suggest deception but his plan brought a happy ending
          • he is important becuause of his religious authority


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