Macbeth: Quotes on Lady Macbeth Act 2

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  • Macbeth: Quotes on Lady Macbeth Act 2
    • 'Wash this filthy witness from your hand'
      • Lady Macbeth is telling Macbeth to wash his hands to remove the evidence of the murder
    • 'I shame to wear a heart so white'
      • She is so embarrassed at how much guilt Macbeth is accumulating from the murder
    • 'Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done't'
      • Lady Macbeth is giving excuses for her cowardice in not murdering Duncan herself
    • 'Infirm of purpose! Give me the daggers'
      • Here she is calling Macbeth utterly useless and that she should take hold of the responsibility


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