magnetism and electromagnetism

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  • Magnetism and Electromagnet-ism
    • Magnetism describes the ability of magnets to attract and repel other magnets without touching them.
    • A magnets poles are where the magnetic forces are the strongest
      • Induced magnets are magnetic materials that become a magnet when in a magnetic field. When they are moved away from the permanent magnet the magnetic material will stop being a magnet. This is called induced magnetism.
    • Opposite poles attract and like poles repel. This is an example of a nan-contact force
    • Iron, Nickel and Cobalt are the only pure metals that can be turned into a magnet.
    • Magnetic material can be attracted by a magnet but cant be repelled by a magnet. Only two magnets can repel each other. Permanent magnets are always magnetic even when not near other magnets. They produce their own magnetic field. Non-magnetic materials will never be attracted to a magnet


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