TECTONICS - magnitude and intensity of tectonic hazards

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  • Magnitude and intensity of tectonic hazards
    • Richter Scale (0-9) (LOG)
      • a measure of the amplitude of the waves produced by the earthquake.
    • (modified) Mercalli Scale (I-XII)
      • measures the experiences felt by people of an earthquake. relative to the differences people feel (people awakening, movement of furniture and damage to structures)
      • I being felt by very few, XII being total destruction and the actual ground surface moving in waves. sight distorted.
    • Moment Magnitude Scale (MMS) (0-9) (LOG)
      • modern seismologist measure determining energy released. based on 'seismic movement'. calculated on the slip of the fault, area affected and earth-rigidity factor.
    • Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI)  (0-8) (LOG)
      • calculated from the volume of products (ejecta), height of eruption cloud and qualitative observations.


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