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  • Malcolm X 1925-65
      • He preached a violent revolution.
      • He linked socialism with pan-nationalism, colonialism and radical Islam.
        • This and concerns about Eliijah Muhammad belief in Islamic moral principles led to a break with the NOI in 1964.
      • Completed trips to Africa, Middle East and the Hajj: (pilgrimage to the shrine of the Prophet Mohammad at Mecca)
      • He was responsible for a rapid growth in membership of the NOI.
        • From 400 in 1952 to 40,000 or more by 1960.
      • The black panther movement developed from the NOI.
        • Huey Newton and Bobby Seal founded the Black Panther party for Self-Defence in 1966.
          • Radical social programme calling for equality and armed resistance to authority and white hostility.
      • He had less popular support than Garvey, at his height and a less coherent strategy.
      • Malcom X was the son of a civil rights activist and minister, Earl Little.
        • His dad was a strong believer in African separatism and nationalism.
        • Family suffered racist persecution: His dad was found dead in 1931 and his mother had a mental breakdown in 1937.
      • Malcolm became a professional criminal, he was imprisoned from 1947 to 1952 and underwent a conversion to Islam, joining the NOI.


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