Market Segmentation

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  • Market Segmentation
    • What is  market segmentation?
      • Dividing consumers based on commonalities and shared characteristics. This is bc you cannot appeal to everyone, so a business works out who they appeal to most and works out common consumer needs to increase appeal.
    • Geographic Segmentation
      • People from similar places might share characteristics.You can market attractions to places that lack those attractions.
    • Demographic segmentation
      • Separates tourists based on gender, age, family structure, ethnicity, economic background.
    • Psychographic Segmentation
      • Lifestyles and interests of tourists. The interests of a tourist may decide what sort of activities they want to do.
    • Behavioural Segmentation
      • Consumer habits and brand loyalty.
        • Someone that always stays in budget hotels may not want to change that.
    • What are the 5 elemental questions?
      • Who is the client? Where is the client? What are the clients interests? How would you introduce the product to the client? Why would certain segments be interested/not interested in the product?


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