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  • marxism
    • structure of society
      • base
        • means of production
        • bourgeoise in charge
      • superstructure
        • religion
        • education
        • family
        • mass media
      • economic base shapes superstructure
    • class conflict
      • proleteriat
        • sell labour power to bourgeiose
      • bourgeiose
        • owners of means of production they exploit proletariat with low wage
        • referred to as ruling class due to their status and influence
      • marx argued structure of society based on conflict of 2 classes
    • marx
      • marx argued structure of society based on conflict of 2 classes
      • believed classes would polarise and working class would revolt and society would become communist
    • althusser
      • institutions are instruments of the ruling class
        • ISA
          • manipulates how the w/c think
          • media, education
        • RSA
          • suppress and control through physical force
          • police, army
    • dominant ideology and false class consciousnes
      • dominant ideology: beliefs and ideas of the ruling class
      • false class consciousnes: marx argued w/c fail to realise they are being exploited
    • criticisms
      • media is no longer in the hands of the bourgeoise
      • class system is more complex than marx suggests
      • movement between classes is more common now
    • antonio gramsci
      • argued ruling class powerful because they controlled ideology in society


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