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  • Marxism
    • Claims
      • Capitalism encourages us to be materialistic consumers.
        • Making us want things we can't afford.
      • We learn it's acceptable to harm others in process of Capitalism.
      • Criminal Justice system only punishes the poor.
    • Components
      • Dog eat dog society
        • We should engage in self-interested and pursuit of profit is good.
        • Learn that it's acceptable to harm others in process of Capitalism.
        • Capitalism is criminogenic because:
          • 1. It encourages individuals to pursue self-interest before anything else.
          • 2. Encourages us to want things we don't need/can't afford.
          • 3. Creates inequality and poverty.
      • William Chambliss
        • Inequality gives WC frustration and injustice.
        • As a result, economic crime and violent street crime flourish.
        • Economic crime "represents rational responses to the competitiveness and inequality of life in capitalist societies".
        • For example:
          • Drug dealers see themselves as innovative entrepeneurs.
            • So internalised is the desire to be successful that breaking the law.
    • Credibility
      • Highlights the impact of selective law enforcement.
      • Demonstrates how the law reflects differences in power between social classes.
        • Also, how inequality in society can lead to criminal behaviour.
      • Overstates amount of crime in working-class communities.
      • Lacks scientific credibility.
        • Never been scientifically tested.
      • Deterministic
        • Implies the ruling class want to criminalise the working class.
      • Reductionist
        • Ignores other non-class inequalities, such as gender and ethnicity.
    • Analysis
      • Jordan Belfort
        • Became rich by lying to investors about penny stock.
        • Sentences to 4 years.
          • In federal prison.
        • However, he only served 22 months in prison.
        • He fell into bankruptcy later after losing his job.
          • It was after this he became interested in stockbroking.
            • Links to marxism.
              • He realised he couldn't get money legally anymore so had to find another way to get it.
    • Refuting Evidence
      • Not all working class people commit crime.
      • Not all capitalist societies have high crime rates.
        • Countries like: Japan and Switzerland.
      • Some wealthy are prosecuted.
        • Refutes this claim.
          • That the Criminal Justice System mainly concerns itself with punishing the poor.
            • Not the wealthy.
    • Supporting Evidence
      • Lauren Snider
        • The Ruling Class pass laws that don't criminalise themselves.
        • The State don't like passing laws.
          • That would control big companies.
            • For example- little law to protect environment or worker's health and safety.
        • Many prosecutions for WCC.
          • Suggests greed for desire and wealth.


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