Marxism and Crime

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  • Marxism and Crime
    • says that capitalism legitimizes greed - people do anything for power.
    • dependent on the social context that it takes place
    • social order is needed for society - W.C can be response
    • Laws reflect needs of capitalism - unequal access to laws
    • Gordon
      • Says capitalism is based on exploiting the working class - crime is the only way people in poverty can survive
      • only way for them to obtain consumer goods so turn to theft
      • they have a lack of control and so leads to frustration
      • BUT it's not just the W.C white collar crimes come for a need to win
      • Said crime is a rational response to capitalism and so clear in call social  classes - despite stats
      • Rational response
    • Law Making = to serve capitalism ideology
      • Chambliss - laws protect private property at cornerstone of capitalist economy
      • selective enforcement - W.C and E.M are criminalised
      • Some laws are passed to benefit W.C such as safety laws
        • Still to benefit capitalism as makes bosses seem caring and so leads to false consciousness
    • Ross - bourgeoisie are prolific criminals to protect capitalist corps
      • state covering up activities seen as illegal (direct) - fails to undertake activities that could lead to consequences (indirect)
    • Bonger - based on competition so formed attitudes - normal outcome is crime but most crimes are driven by peoples desperate conditions
      • New Criminology - look at various factors not just motives
        • capitalism is based on exploitation and class conflict
        • the state makes and enforces laws in the interest of capitalist class and criminalize members of W.C
        • replaced by class, less society - would reduce extent of crime
      • Hall and Gilroy
        • black criminality
        • EM commit crimes as a form of symbolic resistance
        • Moral Panics benefit capitalism as distracts people from true issues with society and keeps a divide within society
    • Sub cultural theories
      • ECCS saw within wider sub cultural context - response of problems of growing up as W.C in capitalist society
      • Brake - can't change situation calls "magical" solution


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