Marxist view on media

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  • Marxist View on Media
    • Intro
      • The media are an ideological state apparatus
        • Marx
          • It communicates a dominate ideology to the people which justifies the positives of the bourgeoisie and the negatives of the proletariat
        • Althusser
          • It creates a false consciousness where by the the proletariat don't know they are being exploited
      • Morely
        • The values and ideas produce messages that they want the audience to believe
          • This is called preferred or dominate reading
    • Views of the ownership of the media
      • The manipulative/Instrumentalist approach
        • Role of the owners
          • Owners have direct control over media content
            • They shape the messages to the dominant ideology
            • Marcuse
              • They control W/C by making the media distract them from the real issues- exploitation/ poverty
        • Media content (messages)
          • They follow the dominate ideology to convince that the ruling class it the truth and fact
          • It does not encourage people to be critical of the capitalist system
        • Role of Media managers/ journalist
          • They have no control as owners have set boundaries
            • They produce one sided content avoiding judgement
        • View of audience
          • They are passive, and unthinking robots
          • They are only exposed to the ruling class ideology it makes them manipulated and unable to make own opinions
        • Criticism
          • Audiences aren't gullible or easily manipulated
            • They are able to reject, accept and interpret the media messages
          • Neophilliacs
            • The rise of citizen journalism has undermined traditional media as it give the power to the audience
      • The dominant ideology or hegemonic approach
        • Role of the owners
          • It recognises that the owners have power and may influence media but they rarely have direct control
        • Media content (messages)
          • It follows the dominant ideology
            • However there may be some critical points in order to attract an audience
        • Role of Media managers/ journalist
          • Jones
            • They are powerful group aiming to protect there dominant position by making sure no-one threatens ideology
          • They have independence from owners by working within a framework set, to attract audience
        • View of audience
          • They are encouraged to think about certain events rather than others- Agenda setting
          • They are persuaded to see the dominant ideology as a consensus creating hegemony
        • Criticism
          • Glasgow media Group (GUMG)
            • It presents capitalism as the norm not giving important information that would help society
          • It underrates the power and influence of owners who appoint and dismiss owners
            • The agenda setting and gatekeeping means there is little freedom on the media produced


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