Marxists views on crime and deviance

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  • Marxists crime and deviance.
    • their views
      • capitalist society is based on values such as materialism, consumerism and competition between individuals to obtain these products.
      • in an unequal society not everyone can afford the products of capitalism. some people will try to get material goods through any means possible, including illegal means. crime is a by-product of the way capitalist society is organised and the inequalities built into it.
    • views on law enforcement
      • critical of the laws in the capitalist society. criminal law is made by the bourgeoisie and many laws protect private property.
      • agencies of social control such as the police and courts operate in the interests of the powerful bourgeoisie and against the proletariat.
      • certain types of crime are likely to be targeted- street crime rather than white collar crime.
      • certain groups such as black people and working class people are more likely to be targeted, while crimes committed by the bourgeoise may often go undetected or unpunished.
    • criticisms
      • not every criminal law supports the interests of the dominant class
      • functionalists argue that society is based on value consensus rather than conflict.
      • some feminists argue that Marxists approaches ignore issues of gender in patriarchal society


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