mary and jesus

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  • Mary
    • Mary has a pure soul.
    • Mary has not sinned in her life.
    • Mary was visited by an angel to tell her she was having the son of god.
    • Mary was known as the Immaculate conception.
    • Jesus was Marys child.
    • Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
    • Luke and Matthew have two different accounts of Jesus's birth.
    • Mary's day is the 8th December
    • Jesus did not have a human father.
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    • Mary helps you pray to god.
    • Mary showed trust in God.
    • Mary is the only person apart from Jesus to be free of sin.
    • Jesus believed he was the Messiah.
    • Jesus curried many people.
    • Jesus did miracles.
    • Jesus was baptised by his cousin.
    • Jesus resurrected from the dead.
    • Jesus had 12 disciples.
    • He was killed by the Romans.
    • Jesus came down to earth to forgive and help people who have sinned.
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