Mary Queen of Scots

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  • Mary Queen of Scots
    • Why she arrived in England, 1568
      • following the death of her husbands she married Bothwell, the chief suspect of the murder
        • she lost support from both Catholic and Protestant nobles and a rebellion against her she was forced to abdicate the throne
          • She left the Scottish throne in 1567, fled to England in 1568
    • Why did people demand Elizabeth to execute Mary in 1572
      • mary was seen as the rightful ruler and legitimate claim to the throne by English Catholics
        • which is  threatening to Elizabeth as people want to replace her
        • Mary became the focus for plots and conspiracies
        • in 1569, Northern Catholics planned to march down to London and make her queen to re- establish the catholic religion
          • however, the rebellion was easily put down but the intentions still stand out that people want to replace Elizabeth
      • in 1570, the  Pope issued a Papal Bull declaring Elizabeth ->
        • " To be a heretic and releasing all her subjects from any allegiance to her and excommunicating any that obeyed her orders"
          • The pope excommunicated Elizabeth from the church
      • Mary was linked to a plot to overthrow Elizabeth in 1570, and Parliament demanded that she was to be executed
    • Elizabeth's Response
    • Plots
      • Throckmorton Plot -1583
        • English Catholics planned to rebel and make Mary Queen with Spanish help
      • The Babington Plot - 1586
        • Babington and his men planned to kill Elizabeth and replace her with Mary. Mary was implicated when her secret letter to Babington was interceptedby Walsingham


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