Spain and England's Reasons for war: MQS

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  • Mary Queen of Scots
    • Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1587)
      • Religion: Catholic
      • Executed by Elizabeth in 1587
      • Philip thought that MQS was the rightful heir to throne after Elizabeth had succeeded.
      • Phillip wanted to have a catholic Queen on the English throne on order to expand the Catholic religion in Europe
    • Execution (1587)
      • Elizabeth had executed the catholic queen in 1587.
      • Phillip thought that Anne Boleyn's marriage to Henry VIII (1533-1536) was illegitimate
      • Phillip's hope for a catholic queen of England was lost
    • Scotland and Spain
      • Mary was executed on 7th February 1587
      • She was executed in Fotheringhay Castle
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      • This was a reason for war as Phillip would've become angered by Elizabeth's actions and would have had no hope in expanding the catholic religion in England


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