material deprivation

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  • material deprivation
    • housing
      • overcrowding means no space for homework
      • overcrowding could mean disrupted sleep
      • cold or damp could lead to illness and time off school
    • diet and health
      • marilyn howard
        • those from poorer homes have lower energy vitamins and minerals
      • wilkinson
        • in 10 year olds the lower their social class the higher the rate of hyperactive anxiety and conductive disorders
    • financial support
      • lack of financial support causes poorer children to go through education without needed equipment
    • extras
      • middle class can afford working class cannot
      • private tuition
      • school trips
      • move into catchment of 'good' schools
    • w/c children
      • more likely to suffer from material deprivation
      • more likely to live in socially deprived areas
      • likely to live in overcrowded housing so no space to work
    • theorists
      • tanner
        • cost of transport, uniform etc has heavy burden on w/c families
      • flaherty
        • claims fear of bullying is why those eligible for FSM dont take them
    • lacking necessities such as adequate housing


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