Measures of Central Tendency

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  • Measures of Central Tendency
    • Mean
      • The arithmetic average
      • total all the values in the data set and divide by the number of values
      • Strengths
        • includes all numbers in a data set
      • Weaknesses
        • anomalies can inflate or deflate the average
    • Median
      • the middle value of a data set
      • Numerically order the values (lowest to highest) and find the middle value
      • Strengths
        • not affected by extreme values
      • Weaknesses
        • does not use all the numbers in the dataset
        • with an even set of data, median may not be an original score (decimal points)
        • cannot be further used in mathematical calculation
    • Mode
      • the most common value
      • how many of one value is in a data set
      • Strengths
        • Useful when using a behaviour checklist or nominal data
        • unaffected by anomalies
        • easy to calculate
      • Weaknesses
        • does not represent all data in the data set


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