Measures of Dispersion

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  • Measures of Dispersion
    • Range
      • The difference between the highest and lowest scores in a data set
      • Calculated by subtracting the lowest score from the highest score then adding 1
      • Strengths
        • Quick and easy to work out
      • Weaknesses
        • Does not take into account all scores
        • Can be affected by outliers?
    • Standard Deviation
      • Standard Deviation measures the SPREAD of the data i.e. how spread out our data is from the mean
      • High Standard Deviation – The data is very spread out from the mean
      • Low Standard Deviation – The data is very close to the mean
      • Standard Deviation of 0 – All the data points in the set are the same?
    • Variance
      • The value we calculated in Step 4 (the mean of squared differences (SD)
      • This value also tells us how spread out the data is however we tend to just use Standard Deviation


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