Meat and Poultry Mind Map

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  • Meat And Poultry
    • Nutritional Value
      • Protein
      • Fat
      • Fat Soluble Vitamins A and D
      • Group B vitamins
      • Iron
      • Water
    • Buying meat and poultry
      • Has a good coulour
      • Moist, not slimy or wet
      • Smells fresh
      • Has not passed its use-by-date if it is sold in a packet
      • Firm, slightly springy flesh or texture
    • Storing Meat and poultry
      • After cooking, allow it to cool before freezing.
      • Meat is perishableso it goes off if not stored correctly
      • Only     re-heat once to avoid bacterial growth
      • Store in Fridge or Freeze.


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