Media and crime

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  • Media and crime
    • How media distorts crime
      • Exaggerating the risks of victimisation for certain groups
      • Exaggerating the success of the police, presenting them positively
      • Reporting crimes as separate incidents, not taking into account links or structural causes for the crimes
      • Portrayal of victims as middle class and older
      • Overplaying of extraordinary crime and downplaying of regular crimes
      • Over-representation of violent and sexual crimes
    • How media can cause crime
      • Theft of media devices like TVs and laptops
      • Learning of criminal techniques via the dark web etc
      • Increased advertising and consumerist culture increases desire for unaffordable goods
      • Desensitisation - by seeing graphic media over and over, it becomes less graphic and its effect lessens
      • Portrayal of the police in a negative way
      • Arousal - enjoying consuming violent or sexual imagery
      • Glamorisationof offending
      • imitation - copying deviant role models
    • How the media causes fear of crime
      • Exaggerating levels of violent and sexual crime
      • Exaggerating the risks of victimhood
      • Gerbner found that people who consumed television heavily had a higher fear of crime
      • Schlesinger and Tumber found a correlation between media consumption and fear of crime
      • Creates a fear of crime and relative deprivation through advertising ‘good life’
    • Media, moral panics and deviancy amplification
      • Moral panic - an over the top reaction in society to a threat
      • Deviancy amplification - when an attempt to control deviance leads to an increase in it
      • Untitled
      • Cohen and moral panics
        • The mods and rockers were made folk devils of and their ‘crimes’ were exaggerated.
        • Moral panics are a response to social change and reflect societal anxiety
      • Moral panics according to functionalist
        • Moral panics are a response to anomie caused by change
      • Moral panics according to neo-Marxists
        • A distraction from structural inequality


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