Media and Crime

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  • Media and Crime
    • Moral Panic
      • MORAL
        • Blame
        • Spreads responsibility
          • Blame
        • Consensus
    • Glamorisation
      • Makes certain crimes look appealing
      • Narcos Netflix series ideology Pablo Escabar
      • Can somewhat justify certain crimes
        • normalisation
        • true vs fiction
        • Anti-heros
          • sympathising with people we know are committing crimes
          • Framing technique
    • Entertainment representation
      • Brooklyn 99
        • portrays the police as happy and adds humour to it
        • Had some backlash during Black Lives Matter protests
    • school shootings
      • sexualisation of the aggressor
      • sympathisation of aggressor due to having mental health issues or relatable circumstances
    • Suicide by cop article
      • have an effect on peoples attitudes towards the police
        • puts partial blame and responsibility by police officer
      • portraying police positivly
        • they carried out the only solution
        • after a 9 hour stand off
        • influencing the jury
      • deflection on the fact they could have gone down a different road
      • The wife who was being abused lost all power over the case because the interpretation
      • Perception of sucide
        • 'by ones own hand'
        • the cop pulled the trigger so therefore it is not suicide
        • the man knew he was going to be shot and he left a suicide note
      • evidence
        • coroner report
          • intrepretation and opinion may be different if they didnt take into account US factors
        • the man knew he was going to be shot and he left a suicide note


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