Media Representation of Crime

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  • Media Representation of Crime
    • Changing priorities and emphasis
      • The media voices a concern about certain crimes and leads to changes in legislation and policies.
      • After 9/11 policies were made to ensure safety and still effect how we travel today
        • Anti terrorism crime and security act 2001, counter terrorism 2008, airport security
      • The impact can be widespread + can effect travel, education and restrict civil liberties
    • Perception of Crime Trends
      • Medias emphasis on certain crimes generates a disproportionate amount of public fear
      • Knife crime in recent years has been over reported
        • 46,265 offences in 12 months up by 6%, the figure were driven up 7% by London
    • Level of Response to Crime and Punishment
      • The police prioritise certain crimes over others.
        • sometimes crimes are treated as more severe then others when they are the same crime.
      • The London rioters were treated more severely and frequently then others.
      • 1292 people were jailed, average sentence was 8-16 months, courts issued approx. 1808 years of sentence


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