Media representations of young people

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  • Outline 2 ways in which young people are represented in the media
    • As criminal and violent
      • Hoodies or Alter Boys? (2009) study of regional newspaper reporting on young boys
        • Most common vocab - thugs, yobs, feral, evil
        • More news stories about boys & crime than boys and any other subject
    • As lazy/a burden on society
    • As ungrateful and rude
      • The Daily Mail in 2020 - "How to speak teen: from eye-rolling to saying 'whatever'"
      • Osgerby (2002) - media representation of youth was positive in the post-war period but became much more negative
    • Drug/alcohol abusers
      • The Mirror, April 2022 - "Families fear to go out as drug-fuelled teens attack elderly victims and start fires


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