Media Theorists- Media Language

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  • Media Theorists- Media Language
    • Genre theory- Steve Neale
      • genre may be dominated by repetition but are also marked by difference
      • genres change, develop and vary as they borrow from and overlap with one another
      • genres exist within specific economic, institutional and industrial contexts
      • Key Words
        • Repetition
        • Difference
        • Borrow
        • Industry
    • Semiotics- Roland Barthes
      • Texts communicate their meanings through a process of signification
      • States that signa have connotations, which involve the meanings associated with or suggested by the sign
      • the media has ideological effect on audience
      • Key Words
        • Signs
        • Connotations
        • Ideologies
    • Structuralism- Levi-Strauss
      • media narratives have binary oppositions
      • the way binary oppositions are resolved can have ideological significance
      • Key Words
        • Binary Oppositions
        • Ideologies
    • Narratology- Todorov
      • all narratives share a basic structure that involves a movement from one state of equilibrium to another
      • the way in which narratives are resolved can have particular ideological significance
      • Key Words
        • Three Act
        • Structure
        • Ideology
    • Postmodernism- Jean Baudrillard
      • the boundaries between the 'real' world and the world of media have collapsed and it is no longer possible to distinguish between reality and simulation
      • in a postmodernism age of simulacra we are immersed in a world of images which no longer refer to anything 'real'
      • media images have come to seem more 'real' than the reality we supposedly represent (hyperreality)
      • Key Words
        • Simulation
        • Simulacra
        • Hyper Reality


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