Medieval Medicine

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  • Medieval Medicine
    • Causes
      • God- punishment for sin
      • Supernatural spirits
      • Astrology
      • Theory of Four Humours
      • Miasma theory
    • Treatment
      • prayer, repentance and pilgrimages
      • flagellation
      • exorcisms
      • Theory of opposites
    • Diagnosis
      • Star signs and almanac
    • The church only allowed dissection on criminals who had been executed
      • meaning Galen's mistaken idea's couldn't be corrected
    • The crusades meant Western Europeans met Muslim doctors
      • so ideas about medicine could be spread
    • Monks were the only ones that could read and write
      • so the church had control over medical texts
    • Hospitals
      • Christians believed it was they duty to help the sick
      • Monasteries were hygienic, with clean water and sewage facilities
      • Funded by the Church
        • Christians believed it was they duty to help the sick
        • Overseen by priests not doctors
      • Palliative treatment- relieve symptoms not cure condition
    • Hippocrates
      • advocated using natural treatments
      • Clinical observation
      • Hippocratic oath
      • Theory of Four Humours
    • Galen
      • Blood was absorbed by the body
      • Theory of opposites


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