Meltizoff and Moore (1977)

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  • Meltzoff and Moore (1977)
    • Interactional synchrony: Mirroring what the other person is doing.
      • Meltzoff and Moore observed the beginnings of interactional synchrony in babies as young as three weeks old
    • method
      • Adult displayed one of three facial expressions.
      • Initially, infant had a dummy in. Then it was removed and their expression filmed.
    • results
      • Multiple observers (who had no idea what the baby hadseen) judged the facial expression of the baby.Inter-observer reliability = +0.92 (really good)
      • 2-3 week old infants imitated specific face + hand gestures.
    • Meltzoff and Moore (1983) similar study with 3 day oldbabies – same thing
    • evaluation
      • reliable
        • The probability that their results were due to the chance for young protrusions was less than 0.5% For mouth openings, it was less than 5% Both of these are considered statistically significant - especially younger protrusions
      • difficult in observing babies


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