Meltwater (erosion & deposition)

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  • Meltwater Streams
    • When glacial ice melts, water runs out as streams of meltwater
    • Warm-based glaciers produce lots of meltwater
    • Surface meltwater filters through the glacier and flows through tunnels underneath the glacier before running out of the snout
  • Meltwater Streams - Erosion
    • Meltwater streams cause erosion in the same way as normal rivers but cause more erosion than rivers the same size
    • They flow quickly so can carry lots of material which can erode landscape
    • The streams form deep troughs in the landscape called meltwater channels
  • Meltwater Deposition
    • When the  meltwater discharge decreases,the loss of energy causes debris to be deposited
    • Heavier particles are dropped first resulting in sorting of the material
    • Deposits may be found in layers (stratified) as a result of seasonal variations in meltwater flow
    • The main features produced by deposition are eskers, lames and the outwash plain


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