Memory Mindmap

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  • Memory
    • Encoding, capacity and duration
      • Coding research: similar sounding words harder to remember
      • Capacity research: 4 digits, then 5, ect, shows 7+-2
      • Duration research: Peterson and Peterson trigram study
    • Multi-store Memory Model
      • Sensory
        • STM
          • LTM
      • Attention for STM, rehearsal for LTM.
    • Working Memory Model
      • Central executive: the controller
        • Phonological Loop: phonological store and articulatory loop
        • Episodic buffer: place for storing info
        • Visio-spatial sketch pad: visual catche and inner scribe
    • Types of LTM
      • Episodic memory = events from your life
      • Semantic memory = general knowledge
      • Procedural memory = actions
    • Forgetting: Inference
      • Proactive Interference: when an older memory interferes with a new one
      • Retroactive Interference: when a newer memory interferes with an old one
      • Study showed that it was harder to recall when the words were similar
    • EWT: Retrieval Failure
      • ESP:  if a cue is at coding and retrieval then recall is more simple
      • Context dependent: Godden and Baddley deep sea divers
      • State dependent: learn/recall on drug, worse if different
    • EWT: Misleading Info
      • Leading Questions car accident study, HSBCC
      • Post event discussion, when could discuss led to inaccuracy
    • EWT: Anxiety
      • Negative effect: holding knife or chicken
      • Postive effect: real life shooting
      • The Yerkes-Dodson Law
    • Cognitive Interview
      • 4.  Change perspective
        • 3. Reverse the order
          • 2. Reinstate context
            • 1. Report everything


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