Memory (Part 2)

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  • Memory
    • Eyewitness Testimony
      • Loftus (2003)
        • Recall of eye witnesses is often inaccurate
      • Car accident study
      • The Cognitive Interview
        • Info is organised so that memories can be assessed in a number of ways
        • Memories are context dependent, retrieval will be more effective if the cues present at the time of storage is reinstated
    • Misleading information: Loftus and Palmer (1974)
      • The wording of the questions asked affected the judgments of speed and did reduce the accuracy of EWT
    • Post-event Discussion: Gabbert et al (2003)
      • The results highlight the issue of post-event discussion and the powerful effect this can have on the accuracy of eyewitness testimony
    • The effect of anxiety on EWT
      • Yerkes-Dodson Law
        • An increase in anxiety improves performance but only up to a certain point
        • Poorer memory due to the heightened anxiety
      • Weapon Focus: Loftus (1979)
        • The presence of a weapon will increase anxiety
        • PS were less accurate in the second condition as they were focusing on the weapon which would have heightened their anxiety levels


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